Why choose a 10'6 Inflatable Paddle board

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We are often asked, 'why do you mainly sell 10'6 inflatable paddle boards?' well... we've tried alot of boards, and believe us, there's nothing like a 10'6.


What we've learnt

As experienced paddle board riders, we've tried hundreds of boards (quite literally), over the years. We've tried big ones, small ones, fat ones and thin ones, and we come back to the same conclusion every time! Not all boards are created equal! Size and shape can make a huge difference to the stability and maneuverability.


The most important factor in choosing a paddle board is the type of paddling you expect to spend most of your time doing.  There’s no point setting yourself up with an all round board if you’re going to be spending 99% of your time on the water surfing. Neither should you spend your money on a surfSUP if you’re going to be spending 90% of your time on flat water.


After extensive market research, and listening to feedback from our customers, we've carefully crafted a range of 10'6 boards that are designed to be the ultimate all-rounder paddle boards.



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